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Re: [opensuse] Gnome2 vs. Gnome3. Why not just port the old environment to the new toolkit?
On Friday 13 January 2012 11:32:58 am Roger Luedecke wrote:
On Fri, 2012-01-13 at 16:14 -0500, Robert Schweikert wrote:
On 01/13/2012 03:54 PM, Roger Luedecke wrote:
From my understanding GTK3 is fine. The hated thing in Gnome 3 is the
GnomeSHell.GTK 2 and 3 are compatible from what I understand. So, why
aren't we simply maintaining or porting the old desktop stuff instead
of using GNomeShell, as opposed to forks like MATE and Cinnamon?

Different teams I suppose. The GNOME team wants to follow what upstream
is doing and they do probably not have the bandwidth or the desire to
maintain a "semi fork" with he GNOME 2 look. Plus there's always the
fallback mode, so they say.

Therefore whatever effort is undertaken to hold on to GNOME2 things will
have to be outside the GNOME project and lead by a different team.

My personal opinion is that there will not be a sufficient number of
developers to form a viable upstream community, similar to the KDE3
fork. This make maintenance within the openSUSE project extremely

I switched to XFCE quite a while ago, before GNOME 3 was the default
GNOME implementation and have been quite happy with it. XFCE upstream
community is reasonably active and maintenance in the openSUSE project
is in good shape.

My $0.02

SUSE-IBM Software Integration Center LINUX
Tech Lead

Honestly, besides that I'm very much not fond of Gnome Shell there are
other concerns. For example, the insistence of needing 3D acceleration
will be bad for business desktop users who haven't needed such a thing,
and thus require massive upgrades to make Gnome work properly. Plus,
lets face it... even Grandma can use Gnome 2. The new paradigm isn't an
improvement in usability as anticipated. This concerns me further with
Enterprise users... demo this shit, and see how quickly Windows gets the
upper hand in Enterprise environments. As far as that goes, if we can
accept the issues of hardware acceleration then I would say Cinnamon
essentially has the right idea. Reinventing the wheel keeps things from
rolling. I also take issue with abandoning Compiz which is likely the
best compositing thingamajig on the market. Would it be that hard to
port the old style panels and such to GTK3?

you are missing the point: kde4 and gnome3 are ms conspiracies....
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