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Re: [opensuse] flash is so not idiot-proof
On Monday, January 09, 2012 21:47:31 Carl Hartung wrote:

On Mon, 9 Jan 2012 21:27:02 -0600

sc <toothpik@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
in an attempt to get it back on-topic i'll mention another
thing i tried which failed to get it working: i downloaded
the rpm and ran rpm -i <module>, moving the module around
until rpm could find it -- but still all embedded flash
content gives the same "you need to install a flash player"

Sorry if this seems like a lot but there are a lot of
unanswered questions, still:

What does "about:plugins" in Firefox show is enabled for
'Shockwave Flash' content?

about:plugins shows a big message that reads "No enabled plugins

when i click the link to learn more about plugins
there's a message there that firefox, for my safety, has
disabled my outdated version of Flash and provides a link to the
same adobe download page i've already downloaded from 10 or so

What files are in /usr/lib{64}/browser-plugins/?

/usr/lib/browser-plugins has

/usr/lib64/browser-plugins has

which is probably the important one because this is a 64-bit box

the owner and group of is root/root, with
read/write/execute for owner and read/execute for everyone else

What is the result of 'rpm -qa | grep flash'?


What was the 'special version' you installed? Where did you
get it and how, exactly, did you install it?

i truly wish i remembered -- it was something i learned on this
list so maybe i can find it...
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