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Re: [opensuse] Re: Chromium - What information is collected with 'spdy'? Why
Patrick Shanahan said the following on 01/05/2012 03:06 PM:
* Anton Aylward <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [01-05-12 14:00]:
Actually its a bit lame.

really not so, try it....

Really is so when I tried it a few years ago.


A good way to kill your browser's performance.

no, you get an instantaneous responce, "Object not found!"

Even if that's so it may well buqqer-up your page payout/rendering.
better to have a guaranteed "blank" page:

What you want is something that listens on port 80, perhaps using the
XINET daemon and then invokes a shell script that merely uses 'echo' to


Big deal, eh?

something else to try... :^)

Of course having the Adblock plugin is better in a number of ways.
As I pointed out earlier, it also shrinks down the space on the page
that the advert would have taken up so you get more of the real content
of the page rendered and faster. It also have mechanisms for
maintaining its own list of blocked sites and updating that so you don't
have to mess around with /etc/hosts.

There is, however a "but".
AdBlock only works for things that use AdBlock plug-ins.
Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird ...

But what about KMail? Evolution?
Yes, adverts in email? Many messages are in HTML and have embedded
links to graphics and adverts that get downloaded when you view the
message. That's where the use of /etc/hosts or perhaps your DNS service
comes in. And don't bet that all rendering engines won't wait and wait
and wait to time-out.

There's good reason to use FF & T'Bird: plug-ins.

It's important to have good cryptography even on small platforms because
otherwise someone will hack your nanites to give you a really silly
-- Bruce Schneier
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