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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE 12.1 is not a major release
On Tuesday, November 22, 2011 05:43 PM Per Jessen wrote:
Dennis Gallien wrote:
But no matter what the resources or processes, nor how long the
schedule, there will always be issues with any new major release.

Perhaps, but openSUSE 12.1 is not a major release. We don't have any
such major/minor planning, 12.1 is a largely arbitrary number.

I understand that the release numbering is essentially a sequential number
without any particular inherent meaning. I meant "major" in the general sense
of "substantial changes", in which in this release some might include for
example systemd, the 3.x kernel, the new Gnome Shell, and the new KDE PIM
architecture. People can debate whether something specifically is "major" or
not but the key point is that in the aggregate there is the potential for a
major impact on users. I intended "major" in the subjective sense, not as a
vendor term. Apologies for not having clarified that.

My frame of reference is having worked in both the lab and as a field
engineer at one of the largest hardware manufacturers (who btw write
much more sw than MS). It was our policy to discourage customers from
immediately upgrading to a new release unless it contained a feature
or fix which was truly imperative to their business. This policy was
the same at our major competitors. Sometimes we preferred to backport
a patch (if feasible) rather than compel an upgrade.

I completely understand your frame of reference, but it simply does not
apply here.

I was trying to share just an example of the principle of setting expectations
and good preparation before encouraging an immediate upgrade, and our
providing substantive guidance and tools to support that approach which IME
results not only in happier (and more) users but also better utilization of
our scarce resources.

Could you elaborate on how this does not apply? Or perhaps I am missing your
point altogether? (It certainly wouldn't be the first time :)


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