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[opensuse] multiple fixed dhcp addresses

Im trying to give all of my hosts multiple fixed addresses,
So if one host is (accidentily) repluged from one lan to another lan, i
will still get predictable results.

Avvording to the dhcpd.conf info that should be possible:

"If it is desirable to be able to boot a DHCP or BOOTP client on more
than one subnet with fixed addresses, more than one address may be
specified in the fixed-address declaration, or more than one host
statement may be specified matching the same client."

So i tried at my 11.4 box multiple addresses in a single host
declaration. The deaemon responds however with:

dhcpd: /var/lib/dhcp//etc/dhcpd.conf line 18: Only one fixed address
declaration per host.

Any comment at the unexpected behaviour?
(sure, i can put multiple host definitions, but it should work, not?)

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