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Re: [opensuse] Android telephones and openSUSE
On 8/14/2011 2:46 AM, Peter Nikolic wrote:
On Sunday 14 August 2011 03:10:05 Brian K. White wrote:
On 8/13/2011 4:05 PM, Philipp Thomas wrote:
On Thu, 11 Aug 2011 18:04:27 -0400, "Brian K. White"<brian@xxxxxxxxx>

It's always been plain
common sense to me not to rely too heavily on anyone else, certainly not
a single external entity who you have absolutely no influence with.

Brian, could you *please* take your rants somewhere else, like
opensuse-offtopic? Because they *are* offtopic here.



A question was asked about software, which was more or less on-topic

My original response did relate to the question and one of the answers,
and about the matter itself, not about the posters.

Subsequent insults to me were off-topic, but I did not commit those. Go
yell at them. My defense against those insults will have to stay right
where they were committed not off somewhere else.

This post of yours and now my response to it, are actually unwelcome to
me also, but they're your fault. If you don't like a certain discussion
and want it to end, then I submit that participating in it is rather a
stupid method. But I'm just pointing that out so you can better get what
you want in the future. I am pointedly nit actually telling you what to
say or not say. That would be not only unproductive but uncivil.

Brian please

Put a Sock in it will you .
Everything i look at recently you are getting your panties in a bunch because
someone says something you dissagree with and it is getting tiresome to put it

Or have we moved to the slashdot method of moderation certain people can say
what they want no fear others have to tread with feather covered feet


VPPO Very Politely Pi***d Off

Actually you have it exactly backwards.

I may have contrary things to say on technical points, but generally I have no problem with the people saying those things I might have disagreed with. Heck half the time "disagree" is technically too strong a word since generally there is more than one "right" answer.

However I am not the one who takes the technical discussion and turns it personal and non-technical. It is posts like _yours_ that do that.
All I do is fail to apologize for things I didn't do. If that infuriates some people well that's just too bad.

Maybe the whole "don't trust google with your life" thing did stray a bit from purely opensuse usage issues. It was relevant to the original question but I'll grant perhaps it didn't require so much emphasis.

Well what of it? I was also all done with that at the end of that post.

Everything since then has been the result of people such as yourself overreacting and "getting your panties in a bunch", being guilty of exactly the thing you're accusing me of.

I had nothing else to say on that topic and I had no personal problem with the person who suggested letting google handle all the syncing. I was raising a point about that suggestion but not strictly attacking it and certainly not attacking them. It was just conversation.

You go ahead and re-read the damned posts and you tell me where the personal attacks start and where the posts start not having anything to do with the original question or indeed anything about opensuse.

Go ahead, do it.

Notice I _still_ haven't tried to tell anyone else what to say or not say. Notice I _still_ have not engaged in the personal bs you and others have.

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