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Re: [opensuse] KMix locking up recently
On Monday 08 August 2011 23:24:25 John Bennett wrote:
Thing is, it didn't use to be this way. I've been using the same
equipment for several years now (I think I started with OpenSuse 9.2 on
this particular laptop) and the sound has gotten worse with each new
release. The current version does not expose all of the channels the
sound chip supports, no base/treble controls, no ability to control PCM
separate from digital audio or even show the other channels in Kmix, and
it lets the center woofer speaker in the bottom of the lap top run wild,
uncontrolled by any volume sliders.

So its shedding capability AND sounding worse with each new version.

The intel/sigmatel sound chip is NOT THAT BAD of a chipset. Any noise
you hear was pro

But every tweek you do puts the whole thing at risk. Its a house of cards
right now.

I admit I haven't been keeping up with developments in this area and I
don't fully understand all the new pieces and where they fit in.

GStreamer Backend ?
Xine Backend (Really? load A video player for sound output?!?!!)

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And I thought it was just me.... :-)
I have tried using the different backends, with varying degrees of
success... Still find that xine seems to be the best "all round" one,
(even though it is now deprecated..??) Spent hours the other day
trying to figure out how to successfully rip a CD - kept getting them
breaking up - only to change the backend (to xine), and found the
problem was with the 'playing' not the 'ripping'....

It's a dang minefiled i tell you minefield .

I pulled my TV card to test the SB card the audio is great plus as you say lots
more controls usable and visable including Bass & Treble missing on the Intel
thing . Pulse audio made the mixer so wide it did not fit the width of the 2
inch monitors i use setup as side by side.

Up untill one of the recent updates i had the ability to play more than one
audio source at a time now if i got say kaffeine running and am browsing the
as well then i have no internet sound till i get rid of kaffeine and viciversa

sound has becom far too complicated AFAICS lets get backto one sound system

Pete .

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