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Re: [opensuse] KDE 4.7 , opensuse 11.4 64bit.
Thomas L├╝bking said the following on 08/07/2011 09:35 AM:
Am Sun, 07 Aug 2011 07:22:29 -0400
schrieb Anton Aylward<Anton.Aylward@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Phenomena like: The size and position of the widgets on screen is
the same every time I login even if I move, resize delete or add.

Phenomena like: the set of programs in the kickoff menu's "recently
used" set is the same on every new login regardless of what I ran in
a previous session.

Is *only* "plasma-stuff" affected?

I'm not sure what you mean by "plasma-stuff"
How do I tell the stuff I've put in my panel and on the desktop after right-click on scree, clicking "unlock widgets" then "add widgets"?
Things like analog clock, weather, cpu load, temperature ....
or perhaps the same to the bottom panel

Check the timestamps on ~/.kde4/share/config/(plasma*|kickoff*) (that
might be zsh only syntax) - are they being written?

I thought I made that clear with the example of kickoffrc.
The timestamp alters each day but the contents don't.

I suppose I could add kernel taps to record what gets written to disk, but that might just overflow my disk.

Copy those files. Alter some widgets on your desktop. "kquitapp
plasma-desktop". Then diff the copies agains the actual config files.
Any updates?

I'll do that, but could you explain how that is different from

alter some widgets (e.g. add to desktop, change the size/position of "folder view" and the folder it refers to, its sort order
log out
log in again

And find that those changes are no longer there.

Similarly with kickoff not recording the recently used.

Yes, I took a copy of kickoffrc in "init 3"mode before a session.
No matter how many programs I started during a session and could see on the 'recently used' _during_ the session, when I logged out the "new" kickoffrc was the same as before.

I'm sorry, I thought I made that clear in a previous post.

Is the kickoff menu a widget or a plasmoid?
When I use the "add widget" I can select "categories" and "running" and see "application launcher" there. Along with "folder view" and the other things I have on my desktop like the clock .....

That makes these 'widgets' and 'widgets are not plasmoids?

Now if I DO wipe ~/.kde4, start kde4 and set up a new set of widget - or should I be calling them plasmoids? - then this new set are there.

And if I alter them in a session ....
they get recorded from that "empty" session and are the new 'baseline'
I log out and they get recorded because there was no session before.

When in log in, that first session's settings come back.

I make changes, but ..
It doesn't stick once I have logged out and in again.

Whenever I log in again I get that first sessions settings AGAIN.

The Desktop Naming bug seemed limited.
This seems more comprehensive, affecting many widgets. Or plasmoids.

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