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Re: [opensuse] two dolphin questions
  • From: Sven Burmeister <sven.burmeister@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 21:48:12 +0200
  • Message-id: <37429721.VXCNZjX3Ou@linux-vdb1>
Am Montag, 4. Juli 2011, 14:24:31 schrieb Anton Aylward:
Sven Burmeister said the following on 07/04/2011 01:50 PM:
If you want to browse pictures, use a picture app like gwenview (F11 for
a folder tree or disable the preview pane for faster loading) or
digikam. If you want to mangage your photos use digikam, if you want to
manage your files use dolphin. One app, one purpose – that's how I
understood the philosophy back when dolphin was created.

It sounds to me like Dolphin is a Great Step Backwards from Konqueror.

Sorry, but you did not get it!

Dolphin is not konqueror2. It's a different app with different goals and
philosophy. There is not only one way to do things right. If konqueror is what
you want, use it. Most people don't need a "tries to be everything but fails
at each of them compared to those apps that specialise on one task".

There I have the OPTION of whether certain kinds of images will be shown
by default with the embedded viewer (and I then have a choice of which
tool) or with an external program.

And you have the choice to not use dolphin but whatever suits your needs
instead. It's simply wrong to assume that every app on this planet has to fit
your needs. Dolphin is not meant to be what you want it to be. It's up to you
to find the apps that fit your needs. If you are lucky somebody else develops
them for you, otherwise it's up to you to create them or wait for enough
people that share the same need for that kind of app.

It looks to me as if Dolphin is Giant Step Backwards in functionality
and configurability.

Nope. It would fail its purpose if it would be a "try to be everything" as
konqueror did. You can tell by its state of development – i.e. genuine
interest in contributing to it – where konqueror's philosophy ended. Dolphin
on the other hand is under very active development and was never meant to
replace konqueror. It was meant as a file manager that does not embed viewers
but starts the viewer that fits the file.

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