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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird calendar ("Lightening" v1,0b4)
On 07/03/2011 06:53 PM, Per Jessen wrote:
Stan Goodman wrote:

This, although a beta, is the current release of "Lightening", and is
described by Mozilla as "stable".

In the Preferences screen, I have succeeded in defining which days are
workdays, and also set a new category of Task. I've defined the
details of a new task, and clicked on the button "Save and Close". The
window does close, but the new task does not appear anywhere, so it
isn't saved.

The Preferences offer the choice of long or short date format; I chose
the long, but today is 7/3/2011. For everything else on the system, it
is 3/7/2011, so this is confusing. Everything else on the system also
knows about 24-hour time formats; Lightening knows about them only
when it comes to choosing times, but the result of choosing 1640
becomes 4:40pm. The Preferences window does know<dd mm yyyy>, and
never mentions time formats, implying that Lightening will use the
system default, which it doesn't.

I don't think it is surprising for a beta to be in this condition. The
surprise is the hubris of grownups to argue that it is stable. In the
meantime, I continue to use korganizer.
I've been using Lightning since around 2008, so far I have not noticed
any major issues. Maybe these issue are related to the latest and

Maybe so. But this is the only release that is offered on the Addons site. I thought to enquire about this on the Addons forum, but noticed that it appears to be visited only rarely (greatest number of visitors was 8, some time in 2009, and there are none at all now); it hardly seems worth the trouble. The developer of Lightning has not supplied a way to offer feedback on his website.

Given that Korganizer works, I can wait until he graduates from the beta level. But if, since 2008, he is still churning out betas for v1.0, the wait may be a long one.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

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