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Re: [opensuse] Ontological Relevance
Anders Johansson said the following on 06/20/2011 12:43 AM:
On Sunday 19 June 2011 22:15:44 Anton Aylward wrote:

So, if you have to have LDAP with opensuse, why have another addressbook
database? If I forget about kdepim and Akonadi
and use LDAP I an use either Thunderbird or KMail (or Evolution or
Outlook or ....).

What if I don't want to use Kmail?
What if the mailhub machine I access using IMAP does its own indexing
out there?

akonadi is *not* a new addressbook implementation. It is a cache, for all
sorts of PIM data. The idea is that all applications on a system uses it, for
faster data transfer and less configuration, but it is in itself *not* an
address book, email storage etc.

This is straight from the documentation

You can use akonadi with an LDAP address book


I think you are so massively missing my point.
You last line illustrates that wonderfully.

What I'm talking about is SILOs.
As in "Splendid Isolationism".

If I have an LDAP address book then I can use that with Thunderbird and
KMail. What use is Akondai?

Oh, right, a cache?

In another thread - Are PCI-E SSD Cards Supported? - I brought up the
matter of caching. We settled that as far as file use goes Linux is
very efficient about caching, which left a few files like:

Lots more under ~/.kde4/share/apps/

You replied to that (Message-ID: <2145829.HWtk2olX2S@carolin> of 13 Jun)

They solve a different kind of problem. Page caching means you don't have to
read as much or as often from disk, and cache files like those mean you don't
have to recalculate things every time. They are typically precalculated, pre-
selected data, so it only has to be done once

Fair enough, I can see that for issues like fonts.
But not for raw data. Its not as if I have to scale an address from
128pt to 96pt.

There's my LDAP server on my 'database server' machine.
Its there so things like addresses, DNS etc can be shared by all of the
LAN. The OS has its cache and I'm sure the underlying database engine,
be it MySQL or plain text files does its own caching, and the LDAP
server does its caching. Maybe even my local LDAP client is caching.
What do you want to be my MUA is caching?

And why am I using LDAP in the first place?
Because it offers a standard API to all the applications that use it.

So you are asking me to use Akondai, which caches this data further and
offers a standard API ....

Look: I'm all in favour of something that lets me get at what I might
term "Personal information", but reading all the Akondai stuff I get the

* Your concept of 'personal' and mine have only a slight overlap
* The Applications I want to have share that data aren't the ones
you are working on - SILOs again
* You're hard coding it in rather than making it a plugin option

University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small.
-- Henry Kissinger
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