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Re: [opensuse] Still dongal hassles other wise known as general netwoking
On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 09:20, Peter Nikolic wrote:
If you think that the reason you're not getting an answer is because
the other list members think it's beneath them to answer your
question, you are being a very big fool.

I dont tink so for the simple reason Every question i ask these days goes
virtually UN answered excet for a couple of early reply's

Silence on a posted question is usually one of three things...

- no one has an answer to your question, and 1486 replies of "I
don't know" are useless
- your question is lost in the general list noise, so ask again, or
rephrase your question
- people are annoyed by your attitude on the list and have filtered
all your emails to the trash

Take your pick which one of the three you think you might be in....
and do something about it.

No one here is obligated to answer any question from any list member.

I'll stop replying on this topic now... apologies to the other list
members for dragging this out.

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