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Re: [opensuse] Formatting an External Hard Drive
On 2011/04/25 21:49 (GMT+0200) Carlos E. R. composed:

On Sunday, 2011-04-24 at 17:17 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:

I _always_ partition before installing anything. And I always assume
Windows will eventually need _re_-installing, which blows away the myth
that Windows needs to be installed first. is a place percentage-wise to
start WRT deciding how to partition.

Reinstall windows? What a pain, never again. Just copy over the correct
image you did after installation, saves hours of work pulling drivers and
software and rebooting. You can do that with dd from the linux side.

That's what _I_ do, but you think ordinary windoz "dual" booters ever gonna think of that?

Strangers bring them to me already fsck'd up with no restore media to fix them with. I just set those machines off to one side, and poke at windoz when it needs a poke to continue to do what it ought to be smart enough to do on its own. Doesn't really how long it takes to me, and they leave here with no serious expectations how long it will be until I call to tell them come get it back.

Remember, most HDs are noticeably faster putting and getting data from the
front of a HD than the end, not unusually a 50% difference, so the front is

The disks I have tested are faster at 1/3 of the front.

Sysbench 0.9.5d result file created Sun Apr 24 01:35:53 2011
Motherboard - Abit AI7; HT on
Processor - Intel P4 3.0G 800 FSB
External cache - 16Kb internal instruction cache, 1024Kb cache
Storage Controller - Intel Corporation - 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) EIDE Controller

Disk I/O disk 1-1: 238473 MB - ST3250310AS
Avg. data access time : 15.100 milliseconds
Cache/Bus xfer rate : 115.680 Megabytes/second
Track 0 xfer rate fwd : 84.872 Megabytes/second
Middle trk rate fwds. : 89.659 Megabytes/second
Last track rate bwds. : 53.584 Megabytes/second
Average Transfer rate : 76.038 Megabytes/second
Disk use CPU load : 8.250 percent
Total : 424.140 Disk I/O-marks

Disk I/O disk 2-2:1430796 MB - ST31500341AS
Avg. data access time : 11.500 milliseconds
Cache/Bus xfer rate : 109.007 Megabytes/second
Track 0 xfer rate fwd : 107.472 Megabytes/second
Middle trk rate fwds. : 106.981 Megabytes/second
Last track rate bwds. : 95.558 Megabytes/second
Average Transfer rate : 103.337 Megabytes/second
Disk use CPU load : 11.290 percent
Total : 567.438 Disk I/O-marks

84.872 / 53.584 = 1.584 (aka 58% better at front)
107.472 / 95.558 = 1.125 (aka 12.5% better at front)
"The wise are known for their understanding, and pleasant
words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

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