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Re: [opensuse] Formatting an External Hard Drive
On Sun, 24 Apr 2011 15:59:03 -0400
"Stephen P Molnar" <s.molnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for your reply.

What MS formatting tool do you recommend. I have to say that MS win7
doesn't recognize the drive as I put another linux distro on it.
That's not quite correct, the device manager finds it as a Seagate
Desktop USB Device.

If I use c:\format at the command line how do I identify the external
drive? I guess that what I'm asking is how do I query the OS for the
drive ID in order to format the drive without destroying anything

Thanks, again for your reply to this query.

Hi Stephen,

"Kind and Gentle Guidance" :-)
--> It is customary on this list to bottom post, not top post, and to
reply to the list only. This is so other people running into similar
situations can benefit from the entire discussion and not have
difficulty following it.

On to your topic:

As memory serves me, if you right-click on 'My Computer' and
select 'Manage' you'll see a number of 'snap-ins' populating a tree
view on the left (I /think/ they're called 'snap-ins'; could be wrong)

Select the one called 'storage' and then the one below that called
'disk management'

You click on the device you want to manage, to select it, and then
right-click on it to select one of the options. In this case, you want
to a) create a partition and format it vfat, while b) leaving the
remainder of the drive space "unallocated."

When it's done, you "safely remove" the drive and proceed to install
the real operating system :-)

hth & regards,


P.S.: I'm certain we'll be set straight if I've erred somewhere, which
is possible (not likely) but these things fade from memory more and
more the longer you can avoid doing them. ;-)
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