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Re: [opensuse] How to re-shuffle disk partitions - Part Two
On 2011/04/23 10:20 (GMT-0400) Anton Aylward composed:

Felix Miata said:

but before rebooting from the HD, run tune2fs -U
random -L yourchoiceofpartitionlable on one of those root partitions if
you've cloned it with dd or equivalent. In any event, give it a label, and
use labels in fstab and menu.lst instead of device names or those awful long
/dev/disk/by-gobbledegookyaddayadda names.

Good idea. Easier to type as well.

hey! Easy to confuse ...


or for those who routinely have multiple HDs:


OBTW: How do I give a short label to a swap ?
It is currently
in the menu.lst

Did you know mkswap has a man page? :-)

swapoff -a
mkswap -L p02swapper /dev/sda2
(edit fstab)
swapon -a
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