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Re: [opensuse] How to re-shuffle disk partitions - Part Two
On 2011/04/22 19:12 (GMT-0400) Anton Aylward composed:

Felix Miata said the following on 04/22/2011 06:29 PM:

What would
really be nice though is to move the extended to the 4th MBR table slot,
making it sda4, and allowing device names to match the logical order of the
partitions on disk.

Yes, that would be aesthetically pleasing.

Also easier for one's brain to manage. If you don't have the whole order flipped backwards, 6 belongs after 5, not before. ;-)

How to do that with tools like [s]fdisk and [g]parted ?

I think using fdisk that the f (fix partition order) command would move the sda4 label to the extended and the sda3 label to your newest primary, the "relocated" /. I haven't used the others enough to have any ideas.

FWIW, is both DFSee reports and fdisk -l report for a brand new 1.5T HD I just set up to use in a puter under my TV.
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