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Re: [opensuse] How to re-shuffle disk partitions - Part Two
On 2011/04/22 19:00 (GMT-0400) Anton Aylward composed:

Felix Miata said:

With what you have, if I wanted a 5G logical to begin at 157, I would issue
this command:
cr log ext2 5000 -f:3
If I wanted a primary in that same location, the command would be similar:
cr pri ext2 5000 -f:3

But I can do that now with fdisk and mkfs, so WHY?

Those were purely FWIW.

The problem I foresee is NOT creating the ext2/3 file system
at 157, but populating it. As I said, using rsync is going to muck up
/dev/ /proc /sys and so on.

Most of the content of those is dynamically created at boot. While booted to
a live CD, none of their virtually non-existent content matters. While booted
to one or the other of them, none of the content on the other matters. You're
fretting over nothing.

When and *only* when I have the root moved to be adjacent to root and
swap do I worry about how to manipulate the free space.

I do plenty of cloning and moving of root partitions. As long as you make the
necessary mods to fstab, menu.lst & grub.conf, ensure you haven't cloned and
left be any UUIDs or volume labels, and _install_ Grub when necessary, it's
really not difficult or particularly complicated.

At that point I have many options.
a) I can make both the aareas into LVM Volumes
this has the advantage of simplicity
b) I can look at ways of altering where the logical partition
c) I can look at ways of altering the size of a LVM
volume by altering the position/size in the logocal partition.
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