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Re: [opensuse] How to re-shuffle disk partitions
On 22/04/11 14:59, Anton J Aylward wrote:
Tejas Guruswamy said the following on 22/04/2011 9:24 AM:
On 22/04/11 14:17, Anton J Aylward wrote:
I created /dev/sda2 as a new swap.
Reboot. All went well.
I created /dev/sda1 as a new /boot and rsync'd the contents of the
old /boot across.
Reboot. OK
BUT ... well actually it was using the old partition to boot :-/
So I deleted the old /boot


The "DVD/Repair Installed System" verifies everything but gets hung
up on a 'cannot change to Target system ....'

Trying grub-install.unsupported from a live CD gives me
an error saying there is no BIOS partition.

I'm lost.
And still hosed.

What did you have in your MBR? probably (hopefully) generic bootloader

Whatever the original openSuse install put there

If so, and you've copied /boot properly, the solution might be as
simple as designating the new /boot (/dev/sda1) as the only active
boot partition. This can be done with fdisk for example (inside fdisk
command is 'a' to toggle bootable flag).

Yes, I did that.
I think that is part of what hosed it.

In any case post the new output from fdisk -l so we can understand
what's gone on.

Not possible - its HOSED

Of course its possible, no matter how bad the system is it doesn't affect booting off the DVD.

Just go straight into the "rescue system" from the DVD boot menu and
you'll get a working fdisk, no need to start the graphical installer.

Yes, I tried that. see above.

Not sure you have. On the very first bootup menu, choose rescue, and you'll end up in a rescue console. Login as root, no password. Then run fdisk.

At the very least, I'm now of the opinion that the old grub had embedded strings that referred to the original partition settings for /boot and /root and that simply copying it from the old partition to the new will not work even if-and-when I get the MBR issue settled.
Please take a look at what is in your /boot/grub/menu.lst and tell me if you think I'm right about this.

This is a whole lot more complicated, I think, that the simple steps Felix proposed!

Well of course, you've got to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to the new partitions as Felix says. But you should be seeing signs that grub is being loaded before it errors out. Once that's the only error then its relatively simple to fix.


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