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[opensuse] Re: Using more than 1 USB port
On 04/21/11 14:45, İsmail Dönmez wrote:
On Thursday, April 21, 2011 02:40:36 PM Wolfgang Mueller wrote:
When I use one USB port only, I mount it as /dev/sdb1. But for
simultaneously using two or even three ports, which are the /dev
name(s) I have to use?
Instead of looking for hardcoded names, look under /dev/disk/by-id so you can
see your disks by id. Or if they have labels /dev/disk/by-label etc.

I plugged in two usb sticks and invoked 'ls /dev/disk/by-id'.
A list appeared referring to the first stick as


and to the second stick as


But that does not give me access to the sticks since these names
are completely useless because they are no directory names. In
other words,
neither /dev/usb-Generic_USB_Flash_Disk_00000000000064-0:0
nor /dev/usb-Generic_USB_Flash_Disk_00000000000064-0:0-part1
nor /dev/usb-058f_Spaceloop_8GB_E7B24B26-0:0
nor /dev/sb-058f_Spaceloop_8GB_E7B24B26-0:0-part1
nor /dev/disk/usb-Generic_USB_Flash_Disk_00000000000064-0:0
nor /dev/disk/usb-Generic_USB_Flash_Disk_00000000000064-0:0-part1
nor /dev/disk/usb-058f_Spaceloop_8GB_E7B24B26-0:0
nor /dev/disk/sb-058f_Spaceloop_8GB_E7B24B26-0:0-part1

Anyway thank you, even though your information did not help.

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