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Re: [opensuse] Firefox v4.0b12 -- I don't see a Refresh button
  • From: C <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 14:08:27 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 11:21, Mark Goldstein wrote:
I did not try beta, but official 4.0. Both in MS Win and in Linux
these 2 buttons were not where C. described, and appeared BETWEEN
address and search fields when I tried to "customize".

Sigh.. everything you're looking for is there in a default Firefox4
configuration... as in before you start farting around and changing
the UI layout.

Load up a DEFAULT Firefox 4 configuration in Windows or Linux.. it
doesn't matter... the layout is identical. The Refresh and Stop
button are combined into one object, and if the browser is idle, the
button is greyed out and looks like a small Reload button (circle
arrow). The button position is at the far right of the URL bar... if
you're looking at the ULR bar, then to the left there is a Star, a
down pointing arrow, and then the Stop/Refresh combo button (as part
of the end of the URL bar) followed by the Search field.

The status bar is also still there... The page loading information and
link hover information hidden unless there is something to display.
If it has something to show, it'll pop up that info at the bottom left
of the browser window (eg hover over a link and the link destination
will be shown in a popup tooltip at the bottom left of the browser
window). Some add-ons and browser applications used the former Status
bar to provide information as well. These are now moved to the Add-on
bar. If there are no add-ons that use this bar, then the bar is
hidden by default. If you install an add-on such as AdBlock Pro, then
the Add-on bar is shown at the bottom of your browser with the AdBlock
information contained within.

This is the SAME regardless of using Linux, Windows or whatever.

Visually the only noticeable difference between Firefox4 on Linux and
Firefox 4 on Windows is the tabs and menu bar configuration. The menu
bar is shown by default in Linux, but you can turn it off and you get
the same layout style then as in Windows. The tabs in Windows are
slightly higher than in Linux (ie they extend up into the Title bar
area in Windows).

If you don't like the new layout, then you can change it. When you go
into Toolbar layout, the Stop and Refresh button are shown are two
colored buttons next to each other. If you drag them BOTH
elsewhere... say to the left next to the Back and Forward buttons,
then close the Customization window, they are again combined into ONE
button. They only remain separate buttons if they are NOT placed next
to each other on the bat.

The short of this is, in a default configuration, the buttons are not
missing, the Firefox designers did not remove them or the status bar,
they simply changed how the UI is configured. All the buttons are
still there, and all the information that the status bar displayed is
still there.

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