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Re: [opensuse] Firefox v4.0b12 -- I don't see a Refresh button
On 2011/04/09 07:10 (GMT+0300) Stan Goodman composed:

There must be one, where is it hidden?

It's in basically the same place as the latest versions of other mainstream browsers, IN (or next to) the urlbar, on the opposite end of where everyone using older browsers (like FF3) is used to seeing it.

If you haven't tried SeaMonkey, and FF4 is bothering you, maybe you it's time you try it. Its engine is identical to that used in FF. The differences are in skin, and standard equipment. Latest official SeaMonkey release 2.0.13 is equivalent to FF3.x, while the FF4 equivalent is still in beta, and what I'm using 24/7, 2.1B3 released Thursday. shows the readily apparent stop and reload buttons where the live by default, and the search box and home buttons where I put them. What is not apparent is the retained ability to assign a URL to the throbber, in essence providing another home or hot button, for instance for web mail or Bugzilla search. The FF dev wizards (sic) responsible for no status bar in FF4 took that out of FF several versions back, 2.0 IIRC.
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