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Re: [opensuse] Another NetworkManager problem...?
On Sunday, March 27, 2011 04:05:52 pm C wrote:
I've sifted through the various 11.4 NetworkManager issues, and didn't
find anything like the minor annoyance I'm having.

I've got a clean desktop install of 11.4/KDE4 from the 64 bit LiveCD.
I've ran all the updates and added a few Community Repos. I've set
Networking to use NetworkManager (for a regular wired NIC) - I've done
this because I use VPNs, and NetworkManager is a nice easy way to
switch VPNs on/off.

If the system is set to use ifup, then network is always working on
boot. If the system is set to use NetworkManager, then network is not
enabled after a boot. If I click on the NetworkManager widget, I have
no networking options at all. If I go into the NetworkManager config,
I can only access the VPN tab. All other tabs are greyed out.

If I go to YaST, Network, and set it back to Traditional ifup, then
network comes up immediately. I can then switch it back to
NetworkManager, and network stays working, and I've got full access to
all features of the NetworkManager until the next logout/reboot when I
lose network again until I manually cycle it to Traditional and back
to NetworkManager.

So.... any thoughts on solving this one? It's a minor inconvenience
since I don't restart or logout often, but.... it's something I'd like
to resolve if I can.


Not sure it if related, but do you have plasmoid-networkmanagement installed
instead of KNetworkManager?

According to


plasmoid-networkmanagement should be used from KDE45 onwards, but
I've done several installs of 11.4 and I always get KNetworkManager instead.

Not sure if it will help, but it might.

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