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Re: [opensuse] Firefox 3.6.x v. 4.0x - Thoughts?
On Friday 25 Mar 2011 02:58:58 David C. Rankin wrote:

I hate change for the sake of change. I am on the fence on the "mozilla
I want to look like Opera" release. I have both running on different
boxes. I don't like the fact that 4 swapped around where the buttons go
(you can easily change that), but I do like the opera-like button for
bookmarks that is available when the tabs are collapsed. The panorama
feature is nice as well, although it is really slow at times.

Are there any other technical reasons one way or another that should be
considered in deciding whether to removed the lock preventing upgrade to 4
on 11.4? I kind of like them both. I have favorite themes for 3 that of
course are incompatible with 4, but that isn't a show stopper. What's the
general consensus on power versus usability?

The laptop I'm worried about is the 11.4 laptop currently crippled with
the Xorg/radeonhd problem, so graphics speed is way down. Anyone else run
into speed issues on older hardware?

No flames sought, just trying to get a better feel for the changes :)

I'm finding major memory leaks in 4.0 and occasional cpu sucking, so if you're
wanting well behaved software on limited resources then 3.6 seems a better bet
for now.

One pro point with 4.0 is each tab being a process, so flash crashing in one
tab won't kill the whole browser like in 3.6, but you have to weigh that
against the memory/cpu issues.

Usability wise the button repositioning is a pain, but I'm sticking with it
for now to see if it really is a better way or not.

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