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Re: [opensuse] Re: Re: audio access for other users
xPol wrote:
On Wednesday 09 March 2011 12:55:59 xPol wrote:
i use to start firefox (or other applications) from terminal, as a
different user than the kdm session owner. Audio is off for that user.
How to fix?


FWIW, I have the same symptoms. 11.3 with Gnome in my case. The logged
in user can hear sound but su - some-other-user and start a media player
results in no sound for some-other-user. Log in a desktop session as
some-other-user and they do get sound.

I haven't done much investigation, apart from check that volume controls
are not muted. I'll check the audio group on my machine, which is 64
bit, BTW. One other thing I've noticed is an obscure message (I forget
where I saw it) to the effect that jackd was installed but not running.

Cheers, Dave
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