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Re: [opensuse] kernel messages on openSUSE 11.2
On 05/03/11 18:07, Istvan Gabor wrote:
2011. március 5. 11:21 napon Tejas Guruswamy <tejas.guruswamy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 04/03/11 17:56, Istvan Gabor wrote:


I use openSUSE 11.2 with default kernel-desktop, and KDE 3.5.10 as desktop

Sometimes so called 'kernel message' windows pop-up on the screen, and the
same messages are shown in all the the opened terminal windows (konsole).

Is there a way to disable this and/or restrict to it only one window, eg to
the popping-up x-window?



If the kernel is spitting out messages it means something is going very
wrong; an OOPS maybe? It is intentional that the message goes to all
logged-in users / terminals, so that someone does something about it.
Have you already tried identifying the underlying problem?

Thanks for replying.
I have not identified the problem, but indeed it was OOPS.
But it is a different question.

I find it very annoying to get the messages at 6-8 konsole windows plus the
pop up window. I wold like to disable these messages. Is it possible?

A kernel oops is usually a very bad thing that will cause further system
instability, so the behaviour of the kernel is to let all logged-in
users/terminals know immediately that something is wrong so they can
save work before everything goes up in flames.
So the problem is, to get what you ask, would be to go directly against
the intended behaviour of the system. My recommendation is that it would
probably be much easier to solve the underlying issue - only if that
proves truly impossible you should look at klogd or whatever and try and
disable that.
In pre 11 SUSE versions (9.x, 10.x) I never seen messages like these.

Probably because your kernel wasn't oopsing on earlier systems. If it's
just a bad module being loaded the solution might be very simple ... try
asking for help about the error messages you see.

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