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Re: [opensuse] 11.1 Repositories
On 28/02/11 20:38, Mark Misulich wrote:
I have read through the Fancontrol(8) page, but not by looking it up in
man pages. It won't show up that way in konsole. I did find it by
googling it. I also read the links on that page to sensors, and

As best as I can understand, Fancontrol is included in the program
Sensors, which I installed via #zypper install sensors.
Then, I found that fancontrol is a shell script that creates a
fancontrol.conf file in /etc/fancontrol.conf , as I understand it.

Trying to run it as a shell script doesn't work, it is contained
in /usr/sbin/fancontrol. I cd'd to /usr/sbin and then did #./fancontrol
or #sh ./fancontrol. Those commands didn't work,and after a little more
research I found that I was supposed to run pwmconfig as a shell script,
and that will set up the /etc/fancontrol.conf file.

I tried to run the pwmconfig shell script, but the result was that it
gave the output that there were no sensors controlled by pwm. So it
didn't set up the fancontrol.conf file.

I did a #zypper dup on my 11.3 installation on this laptop, and it
installed a new kernel for me. As it was installing, it mentioned that
it didn't find or include or install fan or thermal modules as part of
the kernel installation. I forget which it said exactly, but the point
is the modules aren't there.

So, how do I install these modules? Also, what do I need to do to get
some program to work to control the fan once the appropriate modules are

Thanks in advance.

Try (as root)
(follow instructions given)

(follow instructions)

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