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Re: [opensuse] How do I mount USB drive world writable using device notifier? [Solved!]
On 2/11/2011 4:53 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
Marc Chamberlin said the following on 02/11/2011 12:56 AM:

So it wasn't Evil USBs after all ...

No, it wasn't an evil USB, it was poorly organized documentation, the
nfsserver failing to guide or tell a user that he/she was trying to do
something that would not work i.e. trying to mount a filesystem without
also mounting the parent filesystem, intolerance of a newcomers
inability to quickly comprehend a wide range of concepts and to rapidly
sift though vast amounts of documentation in order to find a trinket of
information necessary to solve this problem, an editor that failed to
properly warn a user about embedded non-printing characters, a parser
somewhere in autofs that failed to properly warn a user about embedded
non-printing characters in a configuration file, a mount process that
failed to tell the user that it could not perform it's task because it
encountered those same non-printing characters, or perhaps because those
non-printing characters were being interpreted as part of a file system
name that was not being exported and by that same mount process simply
hanging until a timeout occurred without any explanation whatsoever...
So, as well as not being able to tell the difference between a
"programmer's" text editor and a word processor, you can't recognise a
joke either.
Attempting to ridicule me again Anton will NOT come across as helpful. As for jokes, when done at someone's expense, that is an attempt to be hurtful and bullying. No, I do not accept those and have told you that ridiculing me, a novice in regard to usage of the NFS tool set, is NOT helpful in the least. It only reflects badly on your own character... BTW I regret having chosen to use your own remarks about gremlins against you, and apologize. That was twisting the knife and not necessary to make my point. Your ridicule of me made me angry, but I should stay professional and not respond in kind.

As for using a "programmer's" text editor v.s a word processor? If a tool purports to handle a plain text file, I expect that tool to honor the syntax conventions associate with plain text files. I see nothing wrong with using any tool that will edit text files, conceptually, as a simple text file. By not displaying or warning about non-printable characters, other than CR or LF, kwrite has a bug in it. I use other text editors such as xemacs and vi all the time. Because I had approached these configuration files via Dolphin, kwrite was handy, so I used it instead. It bit me, and I learned of it's limitation. Won't make that mistake again...

I also pointed out, that there are a number of issues with various different tools, that aligned to make the process of setting up an nfs server and an autofs client extremely difficult. You might want to focus on those instead of attacking me.


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