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Re: [opensuse] OpenSUSE 11.3 hangs with Firefox or Google Chrome running.
Sorry about the extra message. I was using Kmail and selected send later but it sent it right away.

Here is the link to the other post about a intel video driver problem.

Bruce Samhaber wrote:
I tried with "apm=off" but it still hung.
I will change grub anyways to have "apm=off" since the machine is 2005 vintage and I believe that it used acpi in SUSE101.

I think this is somehow connected to the networking. If I do not configure the Ethernet ports, the machine stays up for hours. Once there is heavy network traffic then the machine hangs.

I tried the online update to see if this would fix teh problem; but the machine hung in the middle of the update which corrupted the system and the update process. I had to re-install fresh from the DVD with a re-format of the disk partition. Then booted in failsafe mode to do the online-update.

The problem still exists but at least this the up-to date version.

I will now try to boot with nomodeset option as I found a forum posting that refers to a VGA driver problem.

- Bruce.

On Wednesday 19 January 2011 01:04:35 Nick LeRoy wrote:
What type of information should I collect to find the problem? I would
like to fix this.
I'd look at the apm kernel options, most likely apm=off. Try booting the
default kernel, but add "apm=off" to the command line (grub let's you add
options to the kernel command line at boot time). If this solves the
problem (as I suspect that it will), the modify /etc/grub/menu.lst and add
"apm=off" to the kernel boot for the default kernel (probably under the
Desktop or default sections).

Hope this helps.


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