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Re: [opensuse] OpenSuse RT Kernel?
On 2011. 01. 25., Tuesday 00:46:12 Philipp Thomas wrote:
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On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 18:30:46 +0530, "phanisvara das"

<listmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
my understanding is that it's needed for certain applications, like
real-time audio recording / editing, that don't function well if they
get only a slice of the kernel's attention, but that for general
purpose it's not as good as desktop or default (server) flavors.

Audio recording needs low latencies but *not* real-time. The most

I would challenge this statement. If you have only basic needs then you will
probably be fine with the desktop kernel. But if you are serious about
recording and editing audio then you definitely need the real time kernel.
Btw, according to :

"The scheduling requirements of JACK to achieve sufficiently low latencies
have been one of the driving forces behind the real-time optimization effort
for the current Linux 2.6 kernel series,[5][6] whose initial latency
performance had been disappointing compared to the older 2.4 series."

prominent applications for real-time are computer controlled
manufacturing and automatic trading systems for investment banking,
i.e. where you need guaranteed response times. But as that limits I/O
and thus throughput it's not what you want on either server or


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