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Re: [opensuse] OpenSUSE 11.3 hangs with Firefox or Google Chrome running.

The unfortunate thing about downloading a whole new kernel is, it can't be
done very easily, if at all, when one is on dial-up, so the 'fix' is pretty

This kind of screw-up should not have been allowed to go into production
it was fixed first. Now those of us who *are* stuck on dial-up with no
alternative have to fret over *when* the system is going to freeze up on us
when it will do it again....and nauseum). It's happened to me
4 times and there's no telling when it's going to happen, it just does it.
it's doing it with Seamonkey too, not just Firefox. I use Seamonkey almost
exclusively on my KDE. Hard rebooting is going to tear up some hard drives
eventually, and it's something I can barely afford as is. This 'problem' of
freezing up in 11.3, is leaving a very bad taste and I've been using SuSE
7.3. :(

It's not that simple. The thread I had in mind is "11.3 and very slow nvidia
performance"; there were others, too. It appears that the problem can be card
and user installation specific. Many if not most users have had no problem.
Others' problem was resolved with an upgrade to the newer nvidia driver added
to the repo, others switching to the nouveau driver (and losing compositing),
others needed to download and manually install the driver from the nvidia
website, others needed to upgrade to KDE 4.5, others needed a newer kernel
version, others needed to add a kernel argument at boot, etc. The extent of
aggravation ranged considerably, from zero to a solution relatively simple
(once found) to others (such as having to download sources) obviously being
prohibitive if one is on dial-up, is inexperienced, etc.

IMHO, with the number of variables in the equation, and Linux distros not
having the arbitrary control over 3rd-parties that Microsoft does (noting that,
even so, this kind of thing periodically happens in the world of Windows, too),
I'm afraid that incompatibility glitches are just going to occasionally happen
and that it is impossible for distro testing to catch them all. Even when I
worked in the world of large proprietary machines where we controlled
*everything*, it was still standard customer practice to wait well past release
before upgrading or even to wait until the upgrade thereafter was nearing
release before doing the current upgrade (unless of course the new release
included a needed critical feature or fix unavailable otherwise). And a
production upgrade was never attempted before having done a thorough
simulation. (Personally, I still follow this practice.) I don't mean to
minimize the problems sometimes experienced with an upgrade, and I also realize
that with personal systems there can be non-trivial issues that can make taking
such precautions also difficult. But for some, waiting and/or long-term
support is the best answer.

Just my two cents . . .
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