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Re: [opensuse] Absolute beginners trouble

On 2011-01-20 Doug offered the following:

On 01/20/2011 06:07 PM, Richard Creighton wrote:


Please spell the following correctly: PCLinuxOS--notice the "x".


Old keyboard, old operator, Parkinsons disease and you're right, I missed the
<frown> But I'm glad we agree, PCLinuXOS is a very good distro :)



I agree with Richard completely. I use the KDE version myself. It is
the _best
implementation of KDE I've seen. Some of the others--including OpenSuse's
and Kubuntu's--make me puke! And unlike some versions of Linux, the
developers have _not_ gone out of their way to make it look like something
other than Windows. The interfaces are pretty familiar. After all, these
interfaces have been developed over a 30 year time period, from Xerox's
original GUI. Some of the latest implementations--including, AFAIC, Win
don't work as well. Some are far worse (IMHO) than Win 7.

PCLos is what they call a "rolling distribution" by which they mean you can
keep it up to date just by using the upgrade path in the Synaptic package
manager; it doesn't just suddenly change, like Ubuntu, for example. I take
this to be a definite advantage.

If I may make one comment: find out how to modify the sudo file to include
yourself. PCLos would prefer that you don't, but I think they're
absolutely wrong in this.

One other comment: I wish they had a mailing list, but they don't--they
say they do, but the last posts were over a year ago. They use a forum
format instead. The answers on the forum are pretty quick, but to have to
go there is a PITA.

Welcome to the Linux world.


I have to agree with the comment you made regarding the forum vs mailing list
so I
will add that *this* mailing list is *still* very valuable, even to those using

PCLinuxOS or other Distros because problems in those distros are *often* not
to the distro, but are common being bugs or problems in the support programs
KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice or other programs that *run* under Linux which is
common to
almost all distros, being different mostly in only kernal
if anything at all.

If PCLinuxOS had a true mailing list in addition to or instead of a forum
format, it
may well be perfect <grin>

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