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Re: [opensuse] Absolute beginners trouble
On 01/20/2011 06:07 PM, Richard Creighton wrote:


Please spell the following correctly: PCLinuxOS--notice the "x".

First, take a look at

This FREE magazine is very professional and goes back for YEARS and is
available in
both PDF and HTML format and with only a couple of brief breaks has been
for years, since about Sept 2006 in fact and back issues are freely available
from and contain articles of general and
interest to you as a 'newbie' and to professionals and experienced Linux users
regardless of which distribution they may normally use. If the openSUSE
were as good as this one is, it would be worth publishing and a money maker at
newsstands , IMO. (hint)

So, again, my recommendation is PCLinuxOS for you as a Windows convert because
it is
well supported, "it just works", works out of the box, handles multimedia
without all
of the 'futtzing around' that some distros require to make things work due to
requirements (not Linux requirements), is WELL supported, has been supported for
YEARS, is diversely supported with many different desktop environments, and
uses all
of the major software that runs under the Linux OS.

I agree with Richard completely. I use the KDE version myself. It is the _best
implementation of KDE I've seen. Some of the others--including OpenSuse's
and Kubuntu's--make me puke! And unlike some versions of Linux, the
developers have _not_ gone out of their way to make it look like something
other than Windows. The interfaces are pretty familiar. After all, these
interfaces have been developed over a 30 year time period, from Xerox's
original GUI. Some of the latest implementations--including, AFAIC, Win 7's--
don't work as well. Some are far worse (IMHO) than Win 7.

PCLos is what they call a "rolling distribution" by which they mean you can
keep it up to date just by using the upgrade path in the Synaptic package
manager; it doesn't just suddenly change, like Ubuntu, for example. I take
this to be a definite advantage.

If I may make one comment: find out how to modify the sudo file to include
yourself. PCLos would prefer that you don't, but I think they're absolutely
wrong in this.

One other comment: I wish they had a mailing list, but they don't--they say
they do, but the last posts were over a year ago. They use a forum format
instead. The answers on the forum are pretty quick, but to have to go there
is a PITA.

Welcome to the Linux world.


Blessed are the peacemakers...for they shall be shot at from both sides. --A.
M. Greeley

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