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Re: [opensuse] Playing with IPv6
On Friday 14 January 2011 07:57:22 John Andersen wrote:
On 1/13/2011 9:20 PM, Brian K. White wrote:
On 1/13/2011 11:55 PM, jsa wrote:
On 01/13/2011 06:18 PM, James Knott wrote:
Koenraad Lelong wrote:
So do you
have reference material concerning IPv6 or books you can recommend
? I found a book in PDF-form, but it dates from dec 97. Other
material on the Internet is confusing for me.

O'Reilly has a book called "IPv6 Essentials". It's available in
paper and various e-book formats.

Wow. All the books in this area are outrageously expensive.
You can tell they are all priced for a corporate expense account.

You are paying to have an author and the book printer and the
distribution system do the work of doing the research and handing you
the digested result.

If people doing work in that field find the price of the book trivial
compared to either not having the reference or having to pay an
expensive employee the time it would take to get it the hard way,
what of it?

You are free to not pay them for that service and do your own
googling the same as that book author did. The info is out there, the
authors didn't get it beamed into their head from god, so what's the

If you want a thing, you either have to spend money, or spend time or
effort. You want a thing without having to spend either?

The books are overly expensive.
But hey, thanks for rushing in and calling me a cheapskate without
doing a bit of research.

Averaging aroud 50 bucks for paperback, these books are well over
twice as expensive as virtually any other computer topic books.
Perl books are all around 30 bucks. C++ around 30, few outliers near
100. Linux Administration, under 30, couple outliers.

Amazon has this book for about $30 (also Kindle), with used ones $18.
Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
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