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Re: [opensuse] Playing with IPv6
Op 05-01-11 15:24, Per Jessen schreef:
With all this talk about IPV6, and today being a bit of a slow day, I
thought I might play a bit with using 6to4 via (we
already have an IPv6 range, but unfortunately our Lancom DSL router
doesn't speak IPv6 yet).

So, I did the following:

ip tunnel add tun6to4 mode sit remote any local ttl 64
ip link set dev tun6to4 up
ip -6 addr add 2002:d419:0e2a::2120:2501:4042/128 dev tun6to4
route -A inet6 add default gw ::

I'm not completely certain what 2120:2501:4042 is, it seems to be
a "coded" variation of "" (I got it from

However, I must be missing something as I'm unable to ping an IPv6
address, e.g. - I can see the echo request going out, but
nothing ever comes back. What might I be missing? I have checked the
firewall, it's not being dropped there.

Hi Per,

I intended to ask this sooner, but time lacked.

While I can find my way in IPv4, IPv6 is still dark to me. So do you
have reference material concerning IPv6 or books you can recommend ?
I found a book in PDF-form, but it dates from dec 97. Other material on
the Internet is confusing for me.
I found the books I looked at in the local computer-bookstore not good.
I will do some research again though.

This thread helped me somewhat : it made clear the usage of ping6.



Koenraad Lelong.

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