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Re: Fwd: Re: [opensuse] Split DNS? Solved
On 1/4/2011 3:03 AM, Philipp Thomas wrote:
* Marc Chamberlin (marc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [20110103 06:29]:

As a user, trying to grok what is the model behind the file system is not
easy, nor can I find it well documented.
FUD! At the top of /etc/sysconfig/named you'll find

# Each time you start one of the daemons with the init script,
# /etc/named.conf, /etc/named.conf.include, /etc/rndc.key, and all files
# listed in NAMED_CONF_INCLUDE_FILES will be copied relative to
# /var/lib/named/.

What is so hard to understand here?

Philipp - Using the NAMED_CONF_INCLUDE_FILES specification forces all copies to be made from /etc/named.d
which may be fine for a flat named declaration without views. But how do I specify that I want separate include files, using NAMED_CONF_INCLUDE_FILES for EACH view I define?. Remember, I am TRYING to use include files to specify part of a view declaration, NOT just adding in a set of zone statements.

I tried to fool around with this, for example -


and created /etc/named.d/internal/test.conf

but that failed to copy over to /var/lib/named/internal/slave/ as I had thought it might. I even created the intermediate directories under /var/lib - internal / slave but to no joy. Instead I found these files copied over to /var/lib/named/ETC/NAMED.D/INTERNAL/TEST.CONF and this is NOT a copy relative to /var/lib/named as implied in the comments. And EVEN IF this had worked, I suspect that I would have had to put my file in two places in order to use a relative include within my views, both at /etc/named.d/internal/slave/ and at /etc/internal/slave/ because I still DON'T know how I would specify the include statement for the view so that it would pick up the test.conf file from /var/lib/named/etc/named.d/internal/test.conf without confusing the rcnamed script when it tries to also copy any files specified via an include statement.

There isn't a real example of using include files from /etc/named.d to model after, and since I couldn't figure it out, I took a look at how things were being done in /var/lib/named. I found /var/lib/named/master and /var/lib/named/slave defined for a system without views, but since I want to use views. I thought the model should be to set up the following -

/var/lib/named/internal and put my view's .conf file here
//var/lib/named/external "
/var/lib/named/internal/master and put my view's associated record files here.
/var/lib/named/internal/slave "
/var/lib/named/external/master "
/var/lib/named/external/slave "

Having no real world model/example to work with, I am having to infer/guess how to organize files for multiple views. Hence my complaint, I DON'T understand how to use the built-in include mechanism's in such a way as to apply them intuitively to views. I have managed to figure out a way, but it certainly was NOT intuitive or obvious.


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