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Re: [opensuse] How to upgrade my kernel? [SOLVED]
  • From: Bob Williams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 10:28:34 +0000
  • Message-id: <201011021028.34823.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Problem: The default kernel that ships with openSUSE 11.3 conflicts with the
latest Nvidia graphics drivers, leading to frequent freezing of the system for
several seconds at a time. My keyboard buffer was also affected, often sending
a jumble of the characters I'd typed each time the system caught up with me.

Solution: Upgrade the kernel.

1. Add this repository, either in YaST or with zypper ar:

2. In YaST software management, upgrade all your kernel packages to the newer
kernel - in my case that's 2.6.36-90-desktop. The packages I had to upgrade
were kernel-desktop, kernel-desktop-devel and kernel-devel. Install kernel-
sources, if it's not already installed, otherwise upgrade it as well. The
easiest way to do this upgrade is to select the Kernel:/HEAD repository and
click on 'Switch system packages to the versions in this repository'.

3. Build and install the Nvidia drivers.

On the Nvidia website - - click on
'Download Drivers', enter the details of your graphics card, and download the
driver. This will be in the form a shell script, such as NVIDIA-Linux- (The name will differ if you've selected the 32 bit
driver). Save it wherever you like, then make it executable (chmod +x

Reboot the computer, selecting the new 2.6.36 kernel. Graphics mode will fail,
and you will be left at a console login prompt. Login as root, then cd to the
directory containing the Nvidia script. Type:

./ or whatever your file was called.

Agree to the licence, then accept all the options offered. The final stage is
to ask if you want the script to run nvidia-xconfig for you. The default is
No, but I would recommend answering yes here, as you will only have to do this
later anyway.

Reboot again (:~ # shutdown -r now), and you should be back into a graphical

Many thanks to Matt Hayes, Togan Muftuoglu, David Rankin, michael getachew,
dwgallien and Felix Miata, who helped me through this.

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