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Re: [opensuse] An old story, six years later (OT, or NOT?)
  • From: "Michael S. Dunsaavage" <mikesd1981@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 20:02:27 -0400
  • Message-id: <4C6F1793.1080300@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On 8/20/2010 7:54 PM, Brian K. White wrote:
On 8/20/2010 7:37 PM, Michael S. Dunsaavage wrote:
On 8/20/2010 2:41 PM, Brian K. White wrote:
On 8/20/2010 11:54 AM, Michael S. Dunsaavage wrote:
On 8/20/2010 11:49 AM, Brian K. White wrote:
Hahaha welcome to the "utterly useless" discussion!
I guess you never figured out that joining a discussion is about the
dumbest possible way to end it. You make it stop be NOT participating
in it. Except you can't "make" it stop. All you can do is not add your
own interest and wait and hope for others to eventually do the same.

Posting "You all shut up about this topic I don't happen to care
about." is not only inexcusably rude and offensive, it's also
_participating_ and _contributing_ to the very thing you profess to be
utterly useless.

And of course it also causes responses like mine which are surely even
less interesting to you. Pretty idiotic tactic all around I'd say. Yes
this post of mine adds to the thread too but the difference is I have
no problem with this thread so there is nothing hypocritical or ironic
at all about that.

I, as neither a ked3 nor kde4 nor gnome user, am actually reasonably
interested in the various points being raised in this discussion. Not
all are actually very interesting, but the few that are, are, and the
rest don't cost me anything to ignore. To me it's not about KDE3 or 4.
To me it's about watching the world at large painfully agonizingly
slowly accrete wisdom. Or fail to.
so are you not doing the same by commenting on the comment? I've already
commented, thus already in for the haul. But you're just telling a guy
what he did wrong, but doing the same thing.

What exactly am I doing wrong or the same? Better yet, why are you
trying to remark upon post you didn't even read? If you had read what
I said, you'd have read the part where I already answered predictable
responses like yours from people who have no acuity. To wit: I do not
dislike this thread, and so it's not the least illogical for me to
participate in it. I'm not the one who called it useless.

you posted " You make it stop be NOT participating
in it. Except you can't "make" it stop. All you can do is not add your
own interest and wait and hope for others to eventually do the same."

Yet you yourself are participating. You're telling the way to make the
thread die is to not comment at all to the thread, yet you commented to
it yourself. Had you send him a private email, it'd be different.
Because you would not be contributing to the thread. And it's awfully
naive of you to assume I didn't read your post. I've followed this
thread closely myself. So instructing a person on how to let it die by
yourself doing the opposite is quite hypocritical.

Where in any of my post did I say anything about wanting the thread to stop? I never did. I neither want it to stop nor want it to continue particularly. I want it to do whatever it will do. So where is the irony in my posting to a thread that I never expressed any dislike of?

Follow along now. You, yes you Mister Brian K. White, are explaining to a person how to make a thread stop. You're explanation is to not contribute to the thread. Are you with me? So you yourself contributed to the thread, thus going against your very own explanation of how to make the thread stop. I don't know where you read I said you wanted it stop, because in no place did I say or insinuate that.

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