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Re: [opensuse] 11.3 and very slow nvidia performance
  • From: Frans de Boer <frans@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 15:52:09 +0200
  • Message-id: <4C600809.2040308@xxxxxxxxxx>
On 08/09/2010 12:57 PM, C wrote:
On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 11:01, Frans de Boer wrote:

Well, 11.2 works with all additions I made myself

That's a good enough reason :-)

Furthermore, Thunderbird is not working with even a unchanged

I've been following this discussion on the other thread... and I
cannot duplicate the probs. Thunderbird (using IMAP) is critical for
me and my job. If it wasn't working, I'd notice immediately... not
having any issues at all with it.

I expect that 11.4 is due in another half year or so, maybe when
Thunderbird is fixed I switch to 11.3.

Eight months is the official cycle... so... March 2011 if my memory
serves me correctly.

By the way: is resolution changing using CTRL-ALT-+/- working? It did
not work under 11.3 with the nvidia driver installed. The thing is it is
missing the mode settings in the xorg.conf file (so I copied the file
from the 11.2 partition). I dislike the use of Kmag because it clutters
my screen to much and is not practical when using the full 3360x1050
resolution for an application.

No more xorg.conf, so unless you create your own with all the
modelines you want to use, Ctrl+Alt+ +/- does not work (at least not
for me). Copying an old xorg.conf over is a recipe for problems in
many cases... it does fix a few "corner case" issues with odd
configurations, but not the recommended choice (from what I've
read/observed) for most users. This is not an 11.3 issue.. this is a
major change in how the whole X environment works. This is going to
be an issue for you regardless of what Linux distro you use (assuming
it's a recently released distro). xrandr is the way it's done now.
Guessing.. would it be possible attach something to the old keyboard
shortcut to fire off xrandr with the appropriate options to cycle
up/down the possible resolutions? Maybe something for OpenFate?

In my own workflow, I never cycle resolutions anymore... used to do it
a lot, but since moving to TFT monitors, I just stick with the top
native resolution... so it's a functionality I don't miss now that
it's not there. The only time I fiddle with the resolution is if a
game or full screen app did not exit cleanly and the resolution is
stuck at some lower setting... eg 640x480. For the few rare times
this happens, it's not hard to pop open the settings and change it


Yes, I noticed that the xorg.conf file does not exist anymore. Question,
using nvidia-settings and saving the changes, can be done how, if I do
not specify the xorg.conf file?
I use a lot of graphics and also do video editing. If I want to position
things finely I need to switch resolution often. I can use the editor to
show me a finer picture, but using the ctrl+alt+-/+ works way faster. I
don't need it for other work.
I will look into the "xrandr" you mentioned to see what it is and if it
might be a solution.

Thanks again,
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