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Re: Re[2]: [opensuse] So tried KDE4
  • From: Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 13:37:53 -0400
  • Message-id: <1280511473.11882.19.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 19:42 +0400, Илья Черных wrote:
Accepting that KDE3 is over.
Over what?

Beyond the time span within which is was actively being developed.
Projects die, it is a normal thing; just check out Sourceforge if you
need proof.

And by what act it can be accepted?

Learning to use something else that is under active development and
supported. I don't use the CDE desktop-environment anymore; nor do I
use fvwm. I don't use "xv", I don't use CORBA, I don't use Balsa for
e-mail anymore. I don't use sendmail as an MTA anymore. I don't use
NIS for authentication anymore. I don't use lpd, or lprng, for print
services anymore. I don't use "xterm" as a terminal emulator
anymore. .....

Removing KDE3 from my computer? Installing KDE4?

Possibly, yes. Or, if you don't want to move on, please continue to
complain over on opensuse-kde@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> LPIC-1, Novell CLA
OpenGroupware, Cyrus IMAPd, Postfix, OpenLDAP, Samba

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