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Re: [opensuse] Notepad++ replacement needed
  • From: Richard Creighton <ricreig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 20:38:32 -0400
  • Message-id: <201005062038.32358.ricreig@xxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 06 May 2010 20:08:07 arygroup@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On 07/05/10 02:47, Michael S. Dunsavage wrote:
If you would have been more specific on what features you wanted, don't
you think you would have got better responses? And then every attempt
someone took @ trying to help you, you shot them down by calling the
suggestion inadequate. A lot of people took the time to try to help
you. But the way you worded the question, the only way we could answer
is by buckshot method, where we just throw a bunch of answers and hope 1
is right.

Don't start ripping into people that have tried to help you when you
were never clear to begin with. You're just unwilling to adapt to change
or finding different ways of doing something.

Surely, I was so unpolite, so injuring. I'm very very very sorry. I
still don't understand what way I should behave not to be cursed.

Your best answer is to reload XP on an old machine and use Notepad OR to run
XP + Notepad in a virtual machine under VBox or VMWare under your favorite
version/distro of Linux OR state what features of Notepad++ you feel are
essential to your editing activities and how Notepad++ satisfies them and how
the offered solutions fail to meet the requirements. Are you looking for a
GUI or commandline editor, one that uses a mouse or one that does not use a
mouse or one that uses both, and so on. I think this list can no longer guess
at your requirements effectively. As I read your posts, it really sounds
like you would be happiest with Doze and Notepad++, possibly in an emulator
running under Linux, but there is insufficient factual information to actually
know for sure what your needs and abilities are.

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