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Re: [opensuse] ogv Video editing question
  • From: Tejas Guruswamy <masterpatricko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 12:41:37 +0000
  • Message-id: <4BA21F81.7060805@xxxxxxxxx>
On 18/03/10 00:09, arygroup@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I've managed to edit my ogv video. But the way is "through ass", as we
say here.

I didn't manage to get an acceptable result when exporting from
Kdeenlive. So I switched to OpenShot. But OpenShot doesn't show few
several frames of an ogv file. It's usually not a problem, but is very
unpleasantly. So I had to convert my ogv file to avi using Devede. No
quality is lost. Or almost no. After that I edited the avi file in

To export everything correctly I had some tortures on Openshot, clamped
Openshots fingers in dors, make it listen to madonna and britney spears
and so on. As a result, I persuaded it to render the resulting file in
the right way.

I have to mention, that my ogv file was 1216x960. So when exporting I
had to choose project type HDV 1080 25p 1920x1080. These dimensions
cover my video dimensions, so no quality loose. But I met another
problem - audio codec. My exported vidoe files had no sound or corrupted
sound at, so I needed to set audio codec to libvorbis. I
spent more then 48 hours trying to trim 4 seconds from my file. Agrh!

So my full algorith is:
1. Record my video using qt-recordMyDesktop.
2. Convert it to AVI using Devede.
3. Edit the AVI in OpenShot
4. Export it with such options in Advanced tab:
- Project type: HDV 1080 25p 1920x1080 (maybe less dimensions if they
cover your video dimensions)
- Audio Settings:-> Audio Codec: libvorbis
5. Upload to youtube.

кляті москалі...повбивав би!

I know this isn't terribly helpful to you now but I find that trying to
do encoding/demuxing/whatever is a LOT easier if you just go direct to
the command line tools. All the GUIs are just frontends for these tools

Look at:
mencoder (part of MPlayer)

They have a ridiculous array of options and support every format under
the sun. The GUIs tend not to expose their full capabilities.

Both the editing (assuming it is just simple resizing/cutting) and
encoding can be done with these tools.

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