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Re: [opensuse] 11.2 a big step backwards?
  • From: Lubos Lunak <l.lunak@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 12:42:27 +0100
  • Message-id: <201002201242.27241.l.lunak@xxxxxxx>
Dne So 20. Ășnora 2010 02:04:36 Felix Miata napsal(a):
With KDE3 there was no functionality removed. What happened was the KDE
devs decided KDE3 was too complex and difficult to maintain, and so
abandoned it _entirely_. Instead of starting a new project that was
neither difficult nor too complex to maintain, they started a new project
from scratch, the equivalent of 100% being removed by just discarding KDE3
and all its features _entirely_.

In some parallel universe maybe. In this universe the KDE3 codebase was
ported to Qt4. Some components were obsolete, in too bad shape or otherwise
found not worth the effort of porting and have been written from scratch
instead. Some of the components were also redesigned in the process and the
fact that the desktop shell was one of these and that it took for it much
longer to stabilize than expected made this highly visible, but it certainly
wasn't all of the components, not even close. For example the window manager
in KDE4.0 was just an improvement of the KDE3.5 version with minimal

Just because the KDE3->KDE4 transitions went worse than expected does not
mean people need to make up far-fetched theories.

Lubos Lunak
openSUSE Boosters team, KDE developer
l.lunak@xxxxxxx , l.lunak@xxxxxxx
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