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Re: [opensuse] Unable to rip an audio cd into mp3's using 11.2
  • From: Mark Hounschell <dmarkh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 07:53:07 -0500
  • Message-id: <4B2E1E33.2080209@xxxxxxxxxx>
On 12/19/2009 08:14 PM, John Andersen wrote:

I believe I got lame from pacman but without checking I can't be sure.

I double checked/reloaded lame from packman and now it won't consistently
rip mp3's.
It works sometimes correctly. When it fails this is what I see.

Could not read Dire Straits - 01 - Sultans of Swing.mp3: encoding failed
WARNING: libsndfile may ignore -r and perform fseek's on the input.
Compile without libsndfile if this is a problem.
LAME 3.99 (alpha 1, Dec 14 2009 11:51:20) 32bits (
warning: alpha versions should be used for testing only
CPU features: MMX (ASM used), 3DNow! (ASM used), SSE, SSE2
Using polyphase lowpass filter, transition band: 18671 Hz - 19205 Hz
Encoding <stdin> to /tmp/kde-markh/kio_audiocdbh5994.mp3
Encoding as 44.1 kHz stereo MPEG-1 Layer III VBR(q=2)
lame: lame.c:1513: save_gain_values: Assertion `(!((fabs(RadioGain) >
(fabs((RadioGain)-(GAIN_NOT_ENOUGH_SAMPLES)) <= (fabs(RadioGain) * 1e-6f))
: (fabs((RadioGain)-(GAIN_NOT_ENOUGH_SAMPLES)) <=
(fabs(GAIN_NOT_ENOUGH_SAMPLES) * 1e-6f))))' failed.

I guess this is a packman/lame issue. Not related to SuSE.


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