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[opensuse] Installing Gnome after a KDE4 install
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 20:43:18 +0100
  • Message-id: <e29967880912031143x2b5615fdx6cea3525650b7fdb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
So, I've installed 11.2 on a test-bed computer, using all defaults to
get KDE4. I've updated to KDE4.3.4, and now it's time to install
Gnome. I'd like to install Gnome Factory, but I'll settle for the
stable version from the 11.2 repos to get started.

There's no one-click install for Gnome that I can find on the openSUSE
Wiki... Why not? KDE4 has them... is there any reason Gnome doesn't?

If I go into YaST and find the most logical metapackage for installing
Gnome, "patterns-openSUSE-Gnome" and select it for installation, YaST
wants to remove "patterns-openSUSE-kde4_pure"... whatever that is.
I've searched the docs, the Wiki and general searching with Google...
lots of references to that package but nothing that tells me what it
is, or what will be missing if I remove it.

Also.. the descriptions for the metapackages do not tell me a thing
about what they contain at least not within YaST. Take the
patterns-openSUSE-kde4_pure meta package.. its description is:
This package is installed if a pattern is selected to have a
working update path
and the file list says:
I checked the kde4_pure.txt file... and it has the very unhelpful text:
This file marks the pattern kde4_pure to be installed.
and nothing else.

So.. installing Gnome is not so straight forward or obvious...
- Why doesn't Gnome have One-Click links on the Wiki?
- What is the "accepted" method of installing Gnome Stable (and
Factory) in 11.2 after a default KDE4 install?
- How do you find out what's in a metapackage, and make an informed
decision to remove or keep a metapackage?

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