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Re: [opensuse] 11.2 - what was the reasoning behind disabling sshd by default?
No, that's not what I was suggesting - it's just weird to compare
features such as these:
1) turning off sshd by default is likely to annoy Peter Admin and be
ignored by Joe User.
2) adding nice RAID or LVM improvements might please Peter, but will be
ignored by Joe.
AFAICT, the change to disable sshd has not really achieved an awful lot,
except annoy Peter Admin. If you ask me for a suggestion, I would say
let's not p... off Peter Admin when trying to please Joe User.

If Peter Admin actually has a strong emotional reaction [pissed] to ssh
being disabled by default then Peter Admin needs to spend more time away
from this computer and consider talking to a Priest/Shaman/Shrink about
his overall life.

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