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Re: [opensuse] SPAM filter in openSUSE 11.1
  • From: Anton Aylward <anton.aylward@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 10:14:13 -0400
  • Message-id: <4AA909B5.4070707@xxxxxxxxxx>
Adam Tauno Williams said the following on 09/10/2009 09:11 AM:

As for whether it runs as root or a user depends on other things. The
way I have it configured its runs as a user.

Agree. Running sa-learn as non-superuser is pretty easy; just run
spamd as non-root and run sa-learn as the same user. It is even easier
if you pull messages via fetchmail rather than reading the filesystem
directly (avoids yet more permission issues).

fetchmail --all --silent --norewrite --keep --folder 'Shared
Folders.departments.cis.spamreport' --mda 'sa-learn --spam'

I won't say I'm paranoid, but I'm a UNIX/Linux user, not a Windows user,
and if I can avoid using root, if I can compartmentalise, I see no
reason why I shouldn't. After all, its not difficult, and in many ways
its less difficult than doing everything as root. This isn't like
chrooting, this is just running with reduced privileged.

In addition, fetchmail lets me delegate mail out to many mailboxes that
I've acquired on the course of my life, pull their contents via POP, and
after processing make the results available to me on a local IMAP server.

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