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Re: [opensuse] Linux Server Admins - Please Let Me Know Your Thoughts
On Mon, 03 Aug 2009 15:46:34 -0700, Sandy Drobic <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There are lots of reasons why I have both in my company. I am using whatever
system fits the requirements best.

I should re-iterate this is at the desktop level. On my laptop I run Linux. they are trying to dictate to me that I should give compelling reasons why I need to deviate from the "standard" installation of Windows.

So far I have:

I feel that being an IT professional I should be able to utilize the tools that help me best perform in my working daily position. This should include but not limited to the Operating System that my machine (standard hardware) is running on. Now that my initial thought is out there, I'd like to pass on some reasonsings:

a.) My primary function is that of a Linux Administrator. Being on a Linux OS Based (Standard) Machine allows me to better and more productively support Linux servers since I am using native Linux applications like openSSH, and many other daily used tools.
b.) Continued growth in my profession. The Enterprise Linux Operating Systems use code that has been fully tested in Desktop and Community Supported versions of servers. Using these newer versions prior to being implemented into the server field allows me to understand their usage prior to implementing them in the enterprise space.
c.) Increased security and stability. Once of the simplest benefits of Open Source is to have increased security and reliability.
d.) Re-itterate the point that being able to use native support tools which are not or very loosely avaiable for windows allows me to better support the servers I am responsible for.

Since we're going into standards I thought I'd speak more on general standards with Linux and Windows and not arbitrarily defined Bio-Rad Standards:

1.) Windows is NOT an ISO standard
2.) POSIX is an ISO standard for Operating Systems. GNU/Linux, with the right packages installed, is an implementation of this standard
3.) Single Unix Specifications (SUS) is a standard required of all UNIX operating systems. GNU/Linux, with the right packages installed, is an implementation of this standard
4.) Linux Standard Base (LSB) is a standard for Linux systems. GNU/Linux, with the right packages installed, is an implementation of this standard

Other instances of "Non-Standard" uses abroad:

Where does the dictating of standards to the supporting IT professionals stop? Do we require web developers to remove Opera, Firefox and Safari from their machines because they are not documentated as a standard? Or do we allow them to use it, as it's a vital tool to better do their development and support? Are we going to require Marcom to drop MAC OS because it's not a standard, but rather a better tool to better do their marketing jobs?

My point is allowing IT professionals who are self supportive should be allowed to use and install the tools necessary to do their daily functions at their prime productivity rates.

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