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Re: [opensuse] Kmix, YaST and an explotion (SOLVED)
  • From: Verner Kjærsgaard <vk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 09:21:34 +0200
  • Message-id: <4A7149FE.6050209@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Clayton skrev:
- good for me that I was too tired (of it all) last night...I didn't
write the posting I felt like!

- KDE4 is NOT ready for showtime. Period.

- the issues I (and many others) encounter, clearly states so. That
said, it's still a fine piece of software, pointing in the right
directions and all. But - it's not ready.

I wonder how I get my desktop back into a productional state?

Krunner crashing at login. Lots of other stuff crashing too. I thing I'l
rename .kde(n) and take it from there.

The problems you are describing (with the desktop oddities not the
sound issue) are most likely the common problem that most of us using
KDE4 have encountered... upgrading means that the rc and config files
for KDE4 have changed big time between your previously running version
(especially so if you were running 4.1 or earlier and moved to 4.3.x)
and the new install. This introduces a bunch or conflicts and
weirdness that can be traced directly back to how much things have
changed. Once you "reset" that and start working with a clean config,
KDE4 works reasonably well. Still has some hiccups, but so far on all
the systems I run/support on KDE4, is working fine.

Renaming .kde(n) will do the reset... as will deleting or renaming the
config files. Either way, you will be returned to a default config,
and you should be able to tinker with your desktop settings, and it
should be in a "production" state again.

Hi list and C.,

- I just renamed .kde and .kde4 to dot_kde and dot_kde4 respectively.
- I then rename .kderc to dot_kderc.

I go into runlevel 3.

I log out, I log in.

I startx.

It says krunner crashed
It says plasma crashed

I get a new desktop (which I could get back into a normal state), but
the problems remains... the most serious one being that the closing of
one console crashes and causes all other open consoles to crash and
close also.

Not very productive :-)

Can I zap KDE4 alltogether, log out and re-install KDE4 through YaST?

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards
Verner Kjærsgaard
Open Source Academy
+45 56964223

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