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Re: [opensuse] Re: General Poor quality of Opensuse
Yes, I know. The Semantic desktop sounds interesting on paper. Only time
will tell how well it works out in really life.
Almost seems like an answer looking for a problem. IF it can make me
more productive, then great. Since I have yet to see any evidence of
that, then IMHO, it's a waste of time except for the developers
working on it.

That is the rub for these tools; they can only help a user *IF* the
user chooses to use them. If the user insists on just working the way
she/he always has... then these tools seem like an annoying

On the other hand I do think that the 'Semantic web/desktop' is
over-hyped [in GNOME, KDE, and the Web] by the hard-core evangelists.
Some of it seems to assume users spend all thier time in IM chats with
their friends and listening to MP3 playlists. But if you're a 'real'
user with large documents and heaps of e-mail and spreadsheets then
search tools can make many tasks more efficient, provided you learn to
use them.

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