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Re: [opensuse] [OT] is there a virtual machine that IMPROVE performance by using harddisk as harddisk image
On 2009-06-02 15:39:24 +0800 Sandy Drobic <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
When talking about using a block device for hard disk image for virtual machine, Boyd said:

However, this may or may not actually increase your performance, depending on the virtualization software. If they use the same techniques as the kernel uses for swap files, the performance increase is tremendously minimal.
do people know a virtual machine software that can improve performance
by making use of a separate harddisk instead of a disk image?

Yes, VMWare definitely needs physical disks when you desire any kind of
performant disk I/O. We had some severe performance problems when we
virtualized our fileserver. This could only be solved when we used physical
drives for the shares. The same went for our domino servers.

Thank you very much for this important information. I am aware this would require vm workstation. However I only purchased VM workstation 4.0 4 years ago. I am not sure if VM workstation 4 can prepare the physical harddisk for this purpose. I know this is even more OT here but if you just happen to know...

Say, if the possibility to use physical harddisk is added only after vm workstation 5 then I have to spent more $$$

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